Sunday, February 10, 2013

If Dr. King were alive today by Minister Derrick Grayson

If Dr. King were alive today, his life would...Minister Derrick Grayson

If Dr. King were alive today

If Dr. King were alive today, his life would be in grave danger. That's right. There is only one kind.

When Cosby spoke out against the social ills of the Black Community, he was demonized by Negroes.

When James David Manning spoke out against Obama, he was called Uncle Ruckus, Tom and other unmentionable names, by Negroes.

Now, Cornel West has spoke out against Obama and Negroes that have respected him for years, all of a sudden are calling him a Sellout.

Why? Because Truth to many Negroes is Kryptonite.

Whites? That's simple. White Guilt. They dare not say a damn thing. They'd rather let this country go to hell without the hand cart or wheels before they allow themselves to be called a racist for speaking the Truth that they know is Self Evident.

Yes, I will continue to Cry in this Wilderness of Ignorance. They killed MLK for speaking against the very things that Obama is engaged in right now.

War, Poverty Creation and Jim Crow (Oligarch's Rule).

Republicans, take no solace in the fact that I despise Obama's Policies and his party. I feel the same about yours.


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