Sunday, April 22, 2012


My heart is overflowing with a good theme

I recite my composition concerning the King

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer (Selah)

My God when you came out before your people

Marched through the wilderness the earth shook below

The heavens stopped at your presence dropped rained

Five thousand years you’re still the same

So when the enemy comes at me with tactics of fear and fate

Like the Lord cracked the sky and it gave forth rain

So my enemies will be made a footstool before of the King

One by one they’ll fall as heavenly armies march and sing

The Lord is warrior he’ll fight with all his might, the enemy’s frightened as triumph cries

A shout of victory, over his enemies and he’ll go forth

The Lord is like a man war, his light will shatter the darkness from night as triumph cries

The Lord is my shelter from my enemies

I will not fear what they can do to me

In the struggle I find strength for the fight

We’ll raise the banner high until we break the night

Mount up with spiritual armor

For the weapons of this warfare are far from carnal

But mighty in God for tearing down strongholds

We marching out brandishing arms upon

The wickedness battle goes on and on

We steady combattin from dawn to dawn my king had victory all along

We focus attention from day unto day from my troubles and unto the one that can save

My brethren cryin out charging the battle line lookin unto the God worthy of praise and hey

Runnin in the race till the day breaks and I'm throwin off weight gotta make haste

Enemy can't stay gotta vacate when the great name been proclaimed thus say the Lord

And I'm gonna fight it with a mighty mighty vigor gonna side it with the undivided

Hot up in the battle in valley of the shadow of a gallow and I'm runnin with a fella that I’m honored just to follow

~ Dominic Balli

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