Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ask and you shall receive .. your car key

Last night I got home late. I usually forget to hang up our only car key (expensive to get another). Usually, I find it immediately where I lay it down. Well, this morning I could not find it. 

Our whole family acted crazy and frantically looked all over the house to find it instead of us calmly asking God "where is it?", and then trusting He would show us where it was. 

After we arranged to get Erica and Alana to school, I continued frantically looking to no avail. Then suddenly a thought came (which was God) and said "ask the Holy Spirit to show you where the key is. He can show you because He is all knowing". 

So I calmed myself and said, "Holy Spirit, show me where the key is". Well, IMMEDIATELY, He lead me to the car and it was right next to the car on the ground where I/we had frantically walked by looking for it five times. All I/we had to do was ask the Holy Spirit then trust him and He would have shown me/us immediately. But instead, I/we freaked out and frantically looking for it for 20 minutes, not once thinking to ask Him.

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