Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Could we all be Terrorists?

Could your Natural, Human rights be denied?

Could the government deny your natural or God given rights that Jefferson referred to as inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence? Could they declare you a terrorist?


Universal Human Rights aka Inalienable Rights

Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence to tell King George, England and the World that we were now independent.

That we would not let any man or government take our rights given by birth.

He said that men had certain inalienable rights given by Nature or Nature's God that no other man or government could take without do process (a fair trial).

Jefferson meant that all men had these rights, not just US men.

Remeber there was no United States Government when he wrote it but 13 colonies that the founders considered 13 independent nations aka States (like France and Israel are States).

They later formed the Federation that would become 'The United States'.

So he was saying all men had these inalienable or universal human rights givent o us by natural birth or Nature's God, not rights granted by government. For if government had the authority to grant us these rights, then they have the authority to not give them to us or take them away. And to take them would be justifably moral.


Accused Terrorists and Inalienable Rights

These accused terrorists, are still innocent until proven guilty. They have that right by God and Nature.

Torture, until proven guilty, violates their right to not have their natural or inalienable rights to be taken from them without their being proven guilty or innocent with a fair trial.

If the government claims that those who are arrested and charged with terrorist acts can be held indefiantely without trial, have no trial, have no miranda rights or be tortured for information before being found guilty, then they can also do that to americans who they say commited terrorist acts.

Then the government could not like your politics or criticism of its policies, and accuse you of doing a terroist act, label you as a terroist, and then they could deny your rights.

Ifthis happened, then you could be held indefinately with out trial, be denied trial, have no right to miranda rights (the right to remain silent) and be tortured without ever being found guilty of the terrorist attack.

Now give the accused terrorists the rights the God of Nature or Nature gave them. Once they have been proven guilty, then rather we torture or not is a whole different issue.

On TV they call them all terroists, althoguh they are accussed of being terroists,and have not been proven guilty.

If we torture people because we say they are guilty without their chance to be proven guilty, then we are no better then the savages, brutal dictators and terrorists themselves.

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