Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where is True Liberty and Freedom in America Politically?

The people are no longer in charge. I know government is not the answer.

Jesus Christ is the answer. Eventhough Jesus Christ is the answer to true peace and prosperity; the Bible says we are to fight for what is right (a.k.a righteousness), as well as, pray for, support and help Godly people in their leadership duties. In America this also means helping Godly leaders get elected, so they can help foster personal freedom and liberty (freedom of speech, Religeous freedom, right to assemble peacefully). That's why I'm supporting Ron Paul.

He is a Born Again believer who believes the government has forgotten the people. Even his political enemies say he is the most honest man in Washington. He is a leader who is of the same character and fortitude of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and many of the other founding fathers. He, like they, believes that absolute power corrupts absolutely - if you give the government too much power and jurisdiction then the result is tyranny.

Although, the founding fathers and the Constituiton were not perfect, i.e. for one example slavery was orginally allowed in it; the values that inspired it and the safeguards they put in the Constitution to protect the people from the tyranny of a government with to much control are the safeguards to personal liberty when followed. The key word is 'when followed'. Now that slavery has been abandonned, when the values of the constitution are followed (which currently they are not), then liberty can prosper.

From insights in the Bible, I know eventually evil will cause all liberty to be lost, but the bible says we are to fight for what is right til jesus comes back.

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