Thursday, November 11, 2004


Sorry, I have not posted in a while. I have been very, very busy with Family, Ministry, and Personal growth stuff. I'm not good at expressing my personal stuff, especially when its intense stuff. Also, I'm not in the habit of typing my stuff when it happens. Sorry! Like anyone out there might even care.

One issue is this (This is probably the smallest issue I have to deal with, but probably the most insidious and difficult to change. But it effects every aspect of my life by keeping me from doing more valuable things, because of disorganization and clutter. So, maybe it is the biggest issue.). I have been a major pack rat over my life, and now I'm trying to decumulate my belongings. I can't believe how materially attached I am to stuff.

Now, I don't believe in intentional material poverty as super-spiritual. I actually believe its not a sign of spiritual maturity at all, quite the contrary. I believe intentional poverty is usually un-Godly. I believe God wants us to have stuff. He just doesn't want us to hold them in value over Himself or people.

On the other end, I don't believe in name it and claim it (i.e. God will or must give you every thing you want.). I do believe that He gives us what we need, as well as, what we want, if it is good for us. I believe that even if your heart desires material things, like a TV, nice car, etc., God will give it to you, as long as, you are not intentionally materialistic (It does seem though, that He'll even give selfish Christians whatever they ask for, to eventually show them that all this stuff won't fulfil them. That only He can truly fulfil them in the end.). I also, don't believe that God wants us to fill up our lives with everything we can get our hands on and all be millionaires. He does want to bless us though and wants us to be comfortable, and He does this given our situation (i.e. being in the USA or a freedom and wealth challenged place like Iran, etc.) and based on what we can handle. Christians who follow the 'God wants us to fill our lives with material things and have every thing we want philosophy' are nothing but carnal earthly focused Christians. This breeds them to be materialistic, self-focused and shallow Christians. That is not spiritual!

I pray that God will:

- First, help bring material balance to all who need it, no matter where they are on material stuff scale.
- will help me to devalue stuff in general.
- that He will help give me the discipline and time to go through my stuff.
- the wisdom to know what to keep, what to give away and what to toss.
- and the discipline and know how to organize it.

Please pray for me in this area.

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In His service Love, Christslave (Kirby Harris)

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