Friday, October 08, 2004

great quote

Here's a quote from Todd Hunter. Its on his blog site.
Click the link directly below to read the whole thing:
I've died a thousand deaths..." Those words have frequently come out of my mouth the past few years as I've tried to answer people's questions about the transition I've been in. I am not complaining with those words; the deaths were needed and still need to happen. I am better off for it. Losing ones old life leads to a far superior one according to our Teacher/Savior/Lord. Still, facing "deaths" are a little scary to most normal people. Some of the biggest deaths for me have revolved around leadership. If I led "too much", shutting down the gifts of others, or worse, The Holy Spirit, I felt horrible; if too little, like a dunce who ought to know better after 25 years. Along the way I formulated a question: "what does it mean to function as a leader in a group of people who are supposed to be following some else (God the Holy Spirit) and someone else's (God's) vision to have a redeemed, covenant people who would be his cooperative friends (not for merit, but of grace and "Spirit-strength") leading constant lives of creative goodness on behalf of the whole world...even up to and including, the new heaven and new earth?

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