Sunday, September 19, 2004


Hey, many things are happening in the Kingdom of God. Today, some guys were emotionally healed. One fellow learned how to forgive himself and others who had hurt him.  Many teachings and prayer sessions have helped him realize that if God forgave him, and those who hurt him, on the cross, then who was he not to forgive also.
I'm tired.  I went to the Vineyard and then to 3 Feathers Gathering. The teaching at both were phenominal!! And they fit together - the same topic but a different style and different area of the topic. The leader of the Prov House Group had been teaching this topic for the last two weeks. This topic is also a continuation of what God's been teaching me personally through thoughts, through others, through a teaching here & a teaching there, through bits of TV shows, ect. The main topic God is trying to comunicate is How much He loves us and how we need to forgive others. And how we need to communicate this truth to others. When we speak His words they are lighting striking and penetrating our hearts and theirs. And it strikes His heart as well - He is well pleased.

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