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Open letter to Sarvis about his Campaign attacking Liberty Movement Hero Donna Holt and calling the very real and dangerous Aganda 21 a conspiracy theory


POSTED by Kirby Harris

UPDATE: Robert Sarvis responded to my letter to him through his official campaign Facebook Account. Read his response below my letter to him.

Click here to read the attack on Donna Holt and attacking Agenda 21  as a conspiracy theory from the Sarvis Campaign

I sent an letter directly to Robert Sarvis personal Facebook Page (that he uses for the campaign) and his Official Sarvis for Governor Facebook Page:

My Letter:
Hello Mr Sarvis,

I want you to know I am a libertarian who has fought hard within the Liberty Movement since 2007. Also I originally supported Ken C. Then when you entered the race I was going to support you, mainly because I did not like how Ken Cuccinelli and Mcauliffe treated you and kept you out of the debates. My initial decision to support for you was a hard decision because I know Ken personally and I have fought hard with him since 2007 for Liberty issues in Virginia.

So since I belong to and run a lot of Liberty organizations I promoted both you and Ken by publishing an equal amount of articles pro and con about both of you.

And while I support some of your very libertarian views, I have since read some of your non-libertarian views, and I had to switch back to Ken, BUT still was supporting your candidacy as a choice. And I Ad nauseam defended good people who were voting for you and got attacked heavily for it, especially since I was now supporting Ken.

Also Floyd Bayne, who is a Liberty Movement hero and well known libertarian (whose credentials as a libertarian can NOT be denied) decided to support you, mainly because of how Ken and Mcauliffe treated you in the debates. And he has a huge following in the liberty/libertarian community. Well now he is reassessing supporting and voting for you.

The reason: your campaign manager just shot your chances in the foot. A lot of people who were going to support you no matter what are changing their minds. Your manager just attacked another Liberty Movement hero and well known libertarian (whose credentials as a libertarian can NOT be denied), and a good friend of mine and Floyd's, Donna Holt.

But lest you think this is personal you also attacked Agenda 21 as a wacko conspiracy. Any libertarian worth their salt knows this is real and NO conspiracy. Floyd and I know its real because we fought it here in Chesterfield County, Virginia. And we won against it mostly, though lost to some of its proposals.

Now your campaign manager's (or your) confusion may come in because our Federal Government denied the UN's Agenda 21 officially, but its proponents are trying to get it rammed through via State and local governments. It is very real. I can excuse your campaign manager's  ignorance on the issue.

Now if you are smart, which I believe you are, and want to get those votes you just lost back, then I suggest you reprimand your campaign manager and have him retract this attack on Donna Holt and Agenda 21 as a conspiracy. If you don't I will assume you agree with him.

I am going to publish this far and wide (and my social media reaches far and wide into the Liberty and Tea Party communities). I will not post any answer you give me here unless you want it on the record.

Kirby Harris

Virginia Liberty Party Chairman

Robert Sarvis response to me via his Official Campaign Facebook Account:

Robert Sarvis has responded to me directly. The him referred to
in his response is his campaign manager John Vaught LaBeaume:

Robert Sarvis

Hi Kirby. I haven't actually seen the tweet but have heard there's quite a
reaction to it. I certainly wasn't involved in the tweet and have already raked
him over the coals for injecting his own editorial comments. I previously
answered a question about Agenda 21 in this video at 2:10 
As for Donna Holt, I know she is involved in the liberty movement. I haven't
met her, I don't think, but I have recently seen her name explicitly associated
with blatant and clearly intentional misrepresentations of my positions. I don't
know what was said about her in any tweets but the smear campaign is just rank
Here is the screen capture: 

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