Monday, August 07, 2006

Life is Grand

Nothings perfect, but Life is Grand.

Right now there are a lot of issues in my life. Some of them are negative, and I wish they would be delt with and go away or change. Some of it won't change or go away, unless I change in my heart. And it is imposible for me to change my own heart.

You might ask then "How will these things change, if your heart needs to change, but you can't change it? That sounds impposible! "

Well, thank God there is an answer!

The answer is "God"

If we truly are willing to at first reconize a fault and then desire to have it removed, then God will remove it for us or give us His power to remove it.

What about the Life is Grand part?

Well, I used to base my joy and hapiness upon rather everything was going right in my life, and if I had NO problems. My life is good, but I have issues and problems (A wrecked house - with procrastination and disorganization to say the least - and tight finances) . I enjoy my family and that's cool (eventhough you can always continually emprove on your relationships - the skys the limit)!

In the past, having good family ties would not have been enough. If I had any troubling circumstances, then all would suck or be totally lost.

Now, I have come to realize that hapiness can be situational, but real joy and hapiness is eternal and not based on our good or bad circumstances. You could have all of hell going on all around you, and if you have the Joy of Heaven in your heart, there is nothing that can bring you down.

And the only way to have the Joy of Heaven in your heart is to be willing to turn from your sins and accept Jesus as your savior from yourself into your heart.

Life is Grand.

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