Monday, February 28, 2005

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9-year old little Girl Missing

Please, pray for this family. They are strong Christians who are sincerely devoted to God. They are in great pain, but their faith in Christ is keeping them strong. They believe that the more folks we have praying for Jessica the better chance there will be at getting her back to them. Please pray for her safe return.

Fifth Day of Searching Begins for Fla. Girl
Monday, February 28, 2005


With the full-scale search for a missing 9-year-old girl in its fifth and possibly final day, volunteers who have scoured acres of roads, woods and marshland expressed worry Monday that no clues have been found.

The search for Jessica Marie Lunsford who was last seen Wednesday night, has been frustrated by rainy wo one has found anything. "We are all a little scared. It's taking so long."

By the end of Monday, officials hope to have searched a circle extending five miles out from the girl's house. Monday would likely be the last day of the full-scale search, said Ronda Hemminger Evan, a spokeswoman for the Citrus County sheriff's department.

"We still have very, very little to go on," Evan said. "Phone calls are coming in, but we haven't gotten that one call or one clue that will lead us in a good direction."

Jessica's grandmother tucked her into bed Wednesday night; her father discovered she was missing early Thursday.

Sheriff Jeff Dawsy has said a door at the home she shared with her father and his parents was unlocked and one of Jessie's dolls was gone.

"If we all pray real hard ... then God will tell us" where she is, Jessie's father, Mark Lunsford, said Sunday. On Monday, Lunsford placed a sign in his yard with the words "Bring Jessica Home" over the image of a yellow ribbon.

The third-grader's disappearance shocked her community of 2,300 people about 60 miles north of Tampa. Nearly 540 volunteers ventured out Sunday in torrential rain -- and even under a tornado watch -- to search for the girl. Weather was clearer on Monday.

Volunteers have searched residential areas, the shoulders of a four-lane highway about and the 3,000-acre Withlacoochee State Forest, about four miles from the girl's house.
Dawsy said the girl's disappearance is not a confirmed abduction, and he hasn't ruled out anything. The father and grandfather have taken computer voice stress analysis tests akin to lie detector tests, but Dawsy said nothing came of the results.

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